Donnie Darko: or How Every Living Creature Dies Alone

Last week I had the fortune of catching Donnie Darko: Director’s Cut at the Queen’s Film Theatre on Queen’s University campus in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I remember the first time I saw this film in Kristian’s basement in Oxford, MA circa fall 2000. Sure, I enjoyed the film, but for me my experience seeing Donnie Darko is the prime example of why I hate going to see a film that I have really high expectations for. It is much better going to see a film knowing almost nothing about it, and having very little expectations (this lesson applies to all facets of life, and not just film, expectations=unhappiness).

However, everytime I see this film I enjoy it more than my previous viewing. I understand it more, and can relate to the eccentricies and mischief of the character Donnie Darko. Since my main interests these days are the exploration of theories relating to time, space, reality, and consciousness, I was wearing quite the shivering suit of goosebumps for the majority of film.

As I was walking out of the theatre one of my favorite songs, Green Arrow by Yo La Tengo was playing in the lobby. It was the perfect end to my theatre experience, but only the beginning of my evening.

(Here is Green Arrow by Yo La Tengo🙂

Green Arrow by Yo La Tengo
After the film some friendly local first time Donnie Darko viewer asked me what I thought of the film. He liked the film, but did not really understand it, and asked me to explain it. I don’t think he expected the conversation I provided about worm holes, primary and tangent universes, time, space, consciousness and relativity. Good thing he had a full pack of smokes.

Later in the evening I met up with my Swedish friends Michael, Staffan, and Marijn, my French friend Mahtilde, and my German friend Vera. We were also packing quite a bit of other Frenchies, and with the bars as packed as they can be on a Monday Night here, we finally found a place just amongst friends and drunk patron saints of some empty bar/night club where the average age was 35. We stuck out like a Jew in Belfast.

Days passed, but Donnie Darko was stuck in my minds-eye. I had to go deeper. I amused myself with some video’s of Mad World by Gary Jules (one of my favorite songs).

The first is a creepy pedaphile music video of Gary Jules performing Mad World while watching children play outside a school. I include it only because I found it to be pretty trippy.

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The next video is a great trippy music video cutting together scenes from Donnie Darko to Gary Jules’s Mad World.

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Here is a homemade video cutting together scenes from Donnie Darko played to Radiohead’s song Exit Music (for a film). If you don’t like Radiohead or this song, please stop reading this page, because you are not going to like anything I put on this page.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

One of the coolest interactive sites I have visited is the Donnie Darko Homepage.

Although it is very outdated it was very interesting and updates you to the happenings of the community arround Donnie in the years following the film, as well as giving you a chance to read Grandma Death’s The Philosophy of Time Travel (click here to a link where you can just read the chapters shown in the director’s cut, without having to navigate and play around with the homepage).

There you have the Donnie Darko rant.

Remember to live with no expectations, and that all living creatures die alone.

That is all.

Network (Does anyone else smell a Fox?)

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I saw this video the other day, and it reminded me of why I don’t watch television, and instead pollute my mind with the internet, music, books, and comics.

Hell, to be honest I have spent the past three days playing around with WordPress to figure out how to insert this plugin. Hope it was all worth it!



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My trip was amazing, and I will be writing stories here and there of vignettes from my adventures over the next couple of months, along with stories of my experiences at Queen’s University in Belfast. I will also be adding a dash of interesting stories and pages I run across on the internet.

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