It is very refreshing to finally gulp down some fresh cyberspace after finally awakening from an almost two month coma. During my slumber I dreamt of travels through Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, London, Edinburgh, and the northern coast of the Isle of Eire from Belfast to Galway. When I regain my sentient-net senses I will manifest some digital images of my imaginings of such a journey.

What else did I experience in my slumber? Something tells me I had recurring nightmares of going to Mammalian Biochemistry, Existentialism, and Irish Politics and Society modules, and completed several assignments. I dreampt that I ascended the mightly neolithic fortress of Cave Hill in Belfast, only to jump off and descend like a feather attached to a dive-bombing eagle. I created a world of entertainment in the form of films: Mutual Appreciation, Funny Ha-Ha, This is England, Spider-man III, 28 Weeks Later, 23, The Fly, Crumb, The Deer Hunter, Waiting, Videodrone, Scanners, Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy; the televisions series Heroes, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Transformers, Battlestar Galactica; attended CSS; read American Gods, Being and Nothingness, Nausea, The Book: On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are, and Miracleman.

I am sure I imagined other happenings in my sub-conscious awareness, but they are not immediately recalled, and thereby were probably the most significant and revealing of the ultimate nature of reality. Is it just me or is it a human plague to forget the most important and significant things in our life, and only remember those things that are part of our dronelike routines.

I am blabbering. I should be plugging into the rest of the net and absorbing information to expand my consciousness and awareness throughout the world, but I think I am going to take a nap, wherein I will study some mammalian biochemistry, and the process of N-glycosylation. I lead an exciting life, but only in dreams.

Kieran: This shit is the product of your motivation. You are a plague to my procrastination and human growth hormone to my solitude. I hope you are endemic.

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