Salutations and greetings friends,

David Slatkin

It has been quite some time. I apologize for not getting this up and running sooner, but I have been quite busy. Between traveling from Amsterdam to Paris, to Cologne, to Brussels, to Antwerp, to Amsterdam, to Prague, to Amsterdam, to Antwerp, to Paris, to Belfast, I have also become a bit exausted.

My trip was amazing, and I will be writing stories here and there of vignettes from my adventures over the next couple of months, along with stories of my experiences at Queen’s University in Belfast. I will also be adding a dash of interesting stories and pages I run across on the internet.

Overall I am hoping that this page becomes a live forum to relay my adventures and interests while abroad, as well as a place of discussion for relevent and meaningful dialogue of past, present, and future events, stories, and ideas.

Please stick with me while I try to figure out this whole WordPress webpage stuff.

You are most encouraged to comment, discuss, and give suggestions on how to make this a better site, but please do so in a respectful and tactful demeanor to others.

All my best wishes for health and happiness,

-David Slatkin


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