Particle Accelerators and the Isaac Newton Principle

The purpose of this post is to address the development of alchemy through the late Renaissance. One of the things that makes me happy is that Isaac Newton spent a majority of his first 40 years studying Alchemy. One of the smartest people ever spent the bulk of his intellectual rock god years on magic, voodoo, and hoodoo. This makes me think that wasting a year on poems isn’t so bad. Hell, I could study Big Foot for a decade and still be in pretty good shape. Yes, I will give you that Alchemy has it’s basis in real science. That is created chemistry from its phoenix ashes and should always be looked upon as the growing pains of the oncoming Scientific and Intellectual Revolution that broke in the early 1600’s. But I will always laugh to think of the dude who invented physics, and calculus (Co-authored by Leibnitz) reading Virgil looking for the secrets to making gold out of applesauce…

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  1. Hehe.

    Please let me know if I am remembering incorrectly, but wasn’t your 8th grade Renaissance Fair project on Alchemy? Were you not also Issac Newton?

    I remember that I was the Green Man (somethings don’t change :P), and my project was on medicine and diseases during this period. It was Humorous!

    Pun intended.

  2. magic, voodoo, and hoodoo ARE the frontiers of science!

    im mostly just waiting for vindication. been through a lot of applesauce.

  3. Agreed! K-Bizz is going for an MD. I was heading in that direction, but just this year decided to go for a grad degree in Asian Philosophy/Religion or Comparative Philosophy (I currently hold a B.S. in a self-designed interdisciplinary major in Science & Indian Philosophy from Trinity College). Apps are due this December, so once all that applesauce has simmered, we can have a proper Science vs. Mysticism showdown.

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